Conspiracy Theories And Me (The Weekend)

i don’t know why this particular was completely fascinating to me! Maybe it is the idea of conspiracy and the mystery that surrounds it? Check this out!

Miss Cyn's Blog

So about a week ago I was watching The Weekend’s new hit song “Star boy” on repeat, with my detective glasses on as I deciphered the signs of the video being occultic, loosing valuable sleep as I would go online to search for articles relating to the occultic nature of the video…then got distracted by another conspiracy theory and then another.

While I wear my “Conspiracy theorist” badge with honor and pride, I hardly am obsessive, the only conspiracy I believe In completely is the coming of the aliens, honestly think about it, there has to be something greater than us, we were created by something who obviously created other beings. And honestly the fact that we still haven’t been invaded is freakishly scary to me…Its like they’re stalking us, giving us an illusion of safety when in reality they are just waiting to strike. They could be walking among…

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